Loneliness: What Can We Do?

Over a third of disabled people say they’d feel more connected to their community if the public had greater awareness and understanding, but due to things like stigma, inaccessible spaces and lack of community awareness, disabled people end up feeling left out of normal life. 

Sense are running a fantastic campaign called the Left Out of Life Campaign which is focused on making communities more welcoming and accessible to ensure ‘no one, no matter how complex their disabilities’ feels lonely or left out. Find out more about the campaign here 

There are small changes we can all make to support those around us. Key to this is for us to: ‘Think, Ask, Include’

  • Think about others
  • Ask how you can best support someone
  • Include people in spaces and conversations


At Advance, accessibility is hugely important to us.

  • We make sure to provide customers information in a format that works for them e.g. easyread versions of key information.
  • Our Customer Collective provides a safe space for customers to connect and discuss topics important to them. You can find out more here  and by signing up to the customer newsletter for monthly reminders
  • We have a personalised technology project team who ensure we use technology to best support customers to achieve their goals. The Digital Lifeline project provided 48 customers with free tablets so they can easily keep in touch with family/friends and groups, reducing isolation.


Other resources 

Watch the Left Out Of Life campaign video 

Take a look at these 4 easy tips for making a space more accessible for disabled people:

You can read more about these accessibility tips here 

Read Saihan’s story and what small steps can be taken to make someone with autism feel included