Coffee, Cake and Mental Health!

 A service in Cornwall hosted a wonderful “Open Day for Mental Health Week “ last week. 6 customers came over to enjoy coffee and cake and to also chat with staff about living on their own and how at times they can feel lonely.

Staff reassured them that they are always on the end of the phone and will always make time for them. Support workers, Simon, Miranda and Jack were very pleased to see all the customers and they all had a good natter and lots of fun. Service Manager, Paula and Operations Manager, Hayley both said how nice the day was and how happy and relaxed the customers were.

What a fantastic event to hold! It is so great to see everyone openly talking about loneliness and where they can go when they feel lonely!


Are you feeling lonely? Don't worry there are lots of resources out there which can support you.

Every Mind Matters by the NHS has a dedicated loneliness site with useful links - here

Mind has a dedicated loneliness page - here

Try volunteering and meeting new people - read more here

Spend time outside - read what Sandra does here


Want to help tackle loneliness?

One way to do this is by making spaces more inclusive and less isolating - Read more on how we can do this here