Introducing Bridge Heating

Bridge Heating

Wheldons our gas contractors changed their name and as of Monday 3rd August they will be known as Bridge Heating. This follows a takeover of the company which took place about a year ago.

Wendy Cox, Head of Property Services said: “We are pleased to keep working with Bridge Heating as our main gas contractor for our properties and would like to congratulate them on completing the name change. Our customers won’t see much change other than the name and branding on the vans and continue to expect to see a high level of service from them. Staff will have their new Bridge Heating identify cards which they will show on any arranged visit to a property or communal area in a shared property.”

If you think you have a gas leak please report it immediately to the National Gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999. If you have any gas appliance repairs or maintenance queries please contact our Customer Services team on 0333 012 4307.