Customers meet local employers

Advance Employment Team in Wolverhampton

Our innovative Employment Team held an event in Wolverhampton last week giving customers the opportunity to meet local employers, and for employers to consider the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

Jobseekers who are supported by our Employment teams were eager to attend the event and find out more about available opportunities, training, and available aids and apatations to help people with disabilities in the workplace.

Customer, Sue said, ''I enjoyed meeting new people who were able to give me some really useful information on what is available for people who are hard of hearing in the workplace.''

Claire felt the event was ''very informative and interesting, with a friendly atmosphere and lots of people.''

Performance Manager, Alan Bull said, “I am very proud of all the employment staff that were directly involved and also the back office staff that made this day a success.  It was a very important day for our customers to see that employers are open to support or employ someone with a disability, learning need or mental health issue.  It empowered the customers to never give up.  As a result of this successful day a selection of customers secured employment, work trials and also signed up to further education to assist them in their journey to employment – well done everyone!”