Customers lead Hackney Drama Group

Anita and Israel were in charge of yesterday's drama group in Hackney.

Drama group in Hackney this week was led by two customers, Israel and Anita who are regular participants in the Community Aspirations Team lead activity.

Both waited in reception at the Arcola Theatre for everyone to arrive before collecting the key and leading everyone to the correct room. Anita started with her 'chillax' meditation to make sure the group felt relaxed and confident and then went on to lead some vocal and movement activities. 

Anita is a great singer and performed her favourite, Moon River, which got everyone in the musical mood. Chan then took over and sung Winter Wonderland to the group. 

For the final activity Israel chose the music and suggested musical chairs. Everyone participating loved getting involved and let their competitive side show - customer Frank was a very happy winner. 

Reflecting after the group Anita said 'it was a great session - well done to everyone. Good to chillax after a lot of concentration'.