Together with Tenants - early adopter

The National Housing Federation has published a four-point plan aimed at strengthening the relationship between housing associations and their tenants and residents:

  1. A new requirement in the National Housing Federation Code of Governance for boards to be accountable to their tenants and residents.
  2. A new Together with Tenants Charter setting out what tenants and residents can expect from their housing association landlord.
  3. Tenant and resident oversight and scrutiny of the charter, with a report on how their landlord is doing against the charter commitments.
  4. A closer link with regulation.

Advance has signed up as an ‘early adopter’ of this plan. Early adopters will be the first organisations to test out the Together with Tenants proposals, sharing experiences, findings and feedback. We will be taking this forward jointly with customers at our Operations Board.

The plan is open to consultation currently, for tenants, residents and anyone else, and they want to hear any views or ideas you’d like to share.

There are a number of ways you can do this: respond to their online questionnaire - or simply email them with your thoughts and questions. You can do all of this here.