Pride month: Colleague Q&A

Anthony Pride Banner

To celebrate Pride Month 2022, colleague Anthony, Property Services Officer, shared with us about his role, his thoughts on Pride and what we can do to be good allies in the workplace:


1) What is your role at Advance?

I am the Compliance Officer and I work for Property Services in the Compliance team. I look after the gas compliance side of the business for all the properties, making sure everything is on point and up to date.


2) Why do you feel Pride can be important?

It can be really good for people who have not come out yet, a good introduction, easing people into coming to terms with themselves. For example, when I was 14 or 15, I hated myself. I had never been to Pride and I told myself I can’t ever think about having interest in other men.  

So, I think Pride will help those people, who can connect with other people going through similar things. I never had that but now if you celebrate Pride, you will find people who celebrate it. You can find people to relate to and just ease your way into the community.

Although, I do think Pride is something that we should recognise throughout the year and not just for one month.


3) Do you usually celebrate Pride Month?

I did go to the last two Prides and it is really nice. People still go through hardships and face homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. I am lucky that in my environment and with the people I work and live with, I feel very included, so I have never had to ‘celebrate Pride’ as much.


4) Are you going to Pride this year? What do you like about it?

Yes, I am probably going to Leicester Pride this year!

I just like the vibes, the music, the food and the people. They are so open and happy. You can see they are free, and no one has to hide.


5) In the workplace, how does Advance support you to feel like you can be yourself?

That’s a good question. Advance is really good because no one judges me, they take you on as you are, and you can be yourself. I never had the feeling of hiding myself since I started.

I just felt acceptance and if the topic came up, it was so normal which I really love. I don’t have to change at work at all. I am in my third year at Advance now.


6) What top three things, do you think colleagues can do to be a good ally in the workplace?

That is such a hard question, everyone is really different. I would say:

  1. A good thing would be ‘Do not make things a big deal. At the end of the day Pride stands for equality and rights, everyone is treated the same way. That is what we are fighting for’
  1. ‘Even if you don’t share the same opinion, still be kind and considerate.’
  1. ‘You don’t have to feel like you are treading on eggshells. We are all learning, and you can ask questions. ‘


Thank you so much Anthony for chatting with us, sharing your views and being so open.

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