Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Advance Housing and Support - Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

This year's Gender Pay Gap Report has been published on the publications page of our website as required by the Government Equalities Office.

In 2021, there continued to be a positive movement in reducing the gender pay gap. In addition, the analysis by quartile shows an increasing representation of female employees in the upper quartile.

The findings continue to underpin Advance’s strategic objectives and our ongoing commitment to creating a diverse workforce and ensuring parity of pay and conditions to all employees.

Advance's mission and values strongly reinforce the equality and opportunity for all employees, irrespective of gender. Positive action includes our continued commitment to creating and providing a flexible workforce to attract, recruit and retain females to higher paid roles.  This includes flexible working arrangements, paid dependents' leave, generous maternity, paternity and adoptive leave entitlements. 

The full report is available here.