MHAW23: David

MHAW23: David

The Mental Health Foundation has chosen anxiety as its Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 theme to provide a better understanding of what anxiety is, and what we can do to help ourselves and each other when anxiety starts to become a problem.

All week we’ll be publishing customer stories and sharing tips to show our support for this important campaign and to demonstrate some of the ways that Advance has supported its customers to overcome anxiety.

David lives in one of our supported housing schemes in London, sharing his home with three other people.

Described by everyone as an extremely helpful man, David goes out of his way to vacuum and to tidy up. He helps friends and colleagues in whatever way possible. Following in the footsteps of his DJ Dad, David studies music at college. He loves nothing better than singing and dancing along to songs.

Getting moving is a great way to deal with anxiety. There are several other ways the Mental Health Foundation suggest can be useful to stop anxiety getting out of control. Click here to read their suggestions.