Customer training by local fire crew

Advance customers from Market Harborough with local fire crew

Advance customers in Market Harborough were thrilled to receive a visit from the local fire crew this week for a training session on fire safety at home.

Service Manager, Natasha Pender, who organised the trainingService Manager, Natasha Pender, who organised the training, explained’ ‘People here live independently in their own flats. They also receive structured support with different tasks during the day and informal support when it’s needed. We conduct regular checks and fire drills in the buildings but it’s also important to ensure that people are aware of their personal safety and the safety of others in the building'.

The training session covered what to do if you discover a fire, possible sources for fires and gave basic safety advice. The training was well-received and well-attended. Everyone asked lots of questions and really enjoyed meeting the fire crew.

Advance customers Gemma and Michael at the trainingA fire service spokesman said, ‘Fire Safety information is important everyone. The fire service is fully staffed in Market Harborough and ready to respond in emergencies. We’re happy to provide information to everyone in the hope we can help them to live safely in their homes. ’

Customer, Michael, was enthusiastic about the experience, saying, ‘The training was really helpful. It made me think about different ways of staying safe and about regular checks I need to make in my own flat’.