Pride month: Bailey Q&A

Pride month: Bailey

To celebrate Pride Month 2022, colleague Bailey, a Support Worker n Cornwall, shared with us about his role, his thoughts on Pride and what we can do to be good allies in the workplace:

1.) What is your role at Advance?

I am a Support Worker in Cornwall. I have worked with Advance for over 4 years now

2.) Do you usually celebrate Pride Month?

I usually celebrate Pride Month by going out with my friends.

 3.)Why do you feel Pride can be so important?

I think Pride Month is important to highlight the importance that it is OK to be who you are!

 4.) Are you going to Pride this year? What do you like about it?

I will be attending Pride with some our customers who are open about their sexuality in Truro, I will also be attending Plymouth Pride with my friends once their dates have been set. I like Pride events as I get to meet loads of different people and share our stories!

 5.) In the workplace, how does Advance support you to feel like you can be yourself?

I have always been able to be myself at work, my colleagues are so supportive, Advance have helped me to continue by being myself through our PRIDE values.

 6.) What top three things, do you think colleagues can do to be a good ally in the workplace?

  1. Be accepting
  2. Communicate well
  3. Be creative

Thank you so much Bailey for chatting with us, sharing your views and being so open.

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