National Apprenticeship Week

It’s national apprenticeship week and at Advance we’re marking it by looking back over what we've achieved over the past year.

In January 2019, Advance had 11 apprentices enrolled on a learning programme.  As of December 2019, we are delighted to say that colleagues have been embracing the opportunities made available to them and we now have 42 employees registered as apprentices.  

There are huge benefits of the apprenticeship programme to both employee and employer which include;

  • gaining a recognised qualification in a chosen professional field
  • increase in self confidence and learning new approaches in a skill area and,
  • raising customer care standards across the organisation

Congratulations to all who have participated in the apprenticeship programme so far.  For those colleagues at the beginning of their journey we hope you enjoy the learning experience in the knowledge that you are making a difference to both your life and that of our customers.