Customer Conference 2018

customer conferenceAdvance customers and staff from around the country had a ball at our annual customer conference at the Kassam Stadium, Oxford this week. More than 100 customers attended from across the country, as well as staff from all services.  What a busy and fun day we all had.

Workshops were held on a range of topics including:

  • keeping safe in the community with Thames Valley Police
  • how to maintain good health and well-being
  • planned maintenance
  • DIY -common fixes
  • health & safety in the home
  • equality & diversity
  • STOMP (stop over medicating people)
  • getting your voice heard

The feedback from the day was very positive with 100% of people saying they enjoyed the event and would like to come to another customer conference! People's favourite bits included:

  • Meeting CEO and HR trainers. Looking at Advance's bigger picture
  • Hearing Dr Claire Bates
  • Meeting new people
  • Everything - the food was excellent and a good spread put on
  • The way we were treated
  • Seeing all the customers come together and have fun

Our customer conferences are a great way of hearing what our customers want, what they think of the services we provide as well as an opportunity for our staff to share new developments.  We look forward to planning our next customer event.  If you want to find out more about activities and events for customers you can sign up for our customer newsletter.