A grand day out at Wollaton Park

Staff and customers from Nottingham went for a walk around the grounds of the beautiful Wollaton Park in Nottingham during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. Two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, and stress can be a key factor. Regular exercise changes your focus and can help reduce stress.

Team Leader, Lisa Barron said: "Our walk was a great success, customers really enjoyed it, we picked a glorious day and the sun was shining. After the walk, 2 of our customers went out for a coffee and have made really good friends- they're going to meet up with their support workers every fortnight to go out for lunch.

When we sat down for lunch and spoke to the customers they said they had a brilliant day and would really like it if we could do this more often. They want to look into a summer day out for us all again to the seaside.

At lunch we spoke about how stress affects our everyday life and what we can do manage stressful situations.

Kerry said: "I like going for walks as this helps me think and get out of the situation I’m in at the time and talking to Lisa really helps as she is very good at keeping me calm."

Robert said: "Staff help me if I’m stressed but I don’t get stressed much- I like my life with Linda and Katie."

Jackie said "I draw when I am feeling stressed as this takes my mind off everything and talk to Linda my support worker."

Nelly said: "I like to play my music and write down my feelings but I like talking to my support team as they really help me."

Sheena said: "I like watching the television, or ringing my daughter and hearing my baby granddaughter Tiana and talking to Katie my support worker."

Lynn said: "I talk to Elaine (SW) and she helps me to talk about what is making me stressed and makes me realise that things are not my fault as I blame myself when things go wrong."

Staff spoke about how they like to go shopping and spend time with family and friends when they feel stressed