In the premier league

Advance customers at Arsenal football club

Customers Kehinde, Clinton and Shahzaib are getting fit and having fun every week by playing football at Arsenal Emirates Stadium. ?Getting involved in sport is a fantastic way to improve health and wellbeing, and a good way to meet other people.

The weekly sessions for local people with disabilities have been organised by The Elfrida Society Sports project in partnership with 'Arsenal For Everyone'.

Support Worker Ilona said, "This initiative provides a great opportunity to our customers and local people with disabilities. The coaches from Arsenal are absolutely brilliant. They're totally inclusive and supportive, working with everyone in the same way and acting quickly to resolve any on-pitch disputes" 

Our customers are supported to travel to and from the stadium by volunteer, Gilla. She said "they all enjoy the warm up exercises and practicing their techniques. The matches they play at the end of each session are really exciting to watch. The crowd start shouting and cheering. It is such a lively and fun atmosphere!" Kehinde said, "I like being in goal best. I enjoy talking to people, making new friends and keeping fit."