MHAW23: Leicester

MHAW23: Leicester City

Today’s story for Mental Health Awareness Week describes an initiative set up in Leicester by Support Managers, Debbie Grange and Tina Smith.

Their regular cake and coffee mornings began post-Covid to reunite customers with the community.

Advance’s Leicester City service supports nearly 100 customers across Leicester who either live in a shared supported living home or their own independent flat or house.

Tina Smith said, “We introduced the cake and coffee mornings, as a way of bringing people together to meet and form friendships”.

Social isolation can have a negative impact on mental health and increase anxiety according to the Mental Health Foundation’s report ‘Uncertain times: Anxiety in the UK’. Meeting friends and having a chat can be very therapeutic.

April’s coffee morning was busy and great fun, with customers from across Leicester dropping by. Support Workers and Managers helped set up and facilitate the event. They were joined by a Social Worker and Supported Living Officer from Leicester City Council.

Connecting with others is a great way to deal with anxiety. Click here to read the Mental Health Foundation’s suggestions to stop anxiety getting out of control.