Chris joins the Complaints and Compliments Panel

The Advance Complaints and Compliments Panel oversees our response to the feedback we receive, making sure that issues are resolved and that we learn from both instances of great practice and where things didn’t go right.

We’re pleased to announce that Chris (a Shared Owner through our HOLD scheme) has joined the panel to add a new perspective, increase the level of customer scrutiny of our work, and help improve the customer experience of our complaints process. Here he tells us about being involved, and how it makes a difference.

“I found the meeting very interesting. It gave me an insight into how feedback is handled and how the panel discuss how they can make things better.  It went very well and gave me a boost in my confidence. Due to the current circumstances we are all facing, we held the meeting via video conferencing. Although we were not all in the same room together, thanks to the Technology that we used, it was still nice to be able to see everyone in person.

I think it is important to have customer input on the complaints panel because it gives someone an opportunity to:

  • See and join in with discussions
  • Get experience of taking part in business meetings
  • Talk with members of staff from different areas, and at different levels of the organisation
  • Give the rest of the panel constructive feedback from a customer point of view. This will help them identify areas based on the positives, negatives and what could be done better to help them resolve outstanding issues. This could also prevent them from happening again”

We’re committed to giving customers a voice throughout our services, and recognise the benefits this brings. Ian, Executive Director of Housing, who chairs the panel said:

“It’s great to have Chris as part of the panel, and we’re already seeing the positive effects. Introducing another perspective makes us look at things in a new way, and helps us to keep the customer experience at the heart of all we do.”

We value your feedback and want to know what you think of our services, good or bad! You can let us know about any problems or good experiences by talking to any member of staff, or contacting our Customer Services Team 9am – 5pm on 0333 012 4307 or You can also get in touch online through MyAdvance and our website's Contact us page.