Rowan's Photography

Man in street

"I've finally found something I have a talent for and I enjoy, so my future is brighter and now I've got a lifetime passion to focus on." Rowan, a customer from the East Midlands uses photography to focus his energy and boost his confidence. He told us about how photography has come in to, and affected, his life.

'I have been practicing photography for 2-3 years, after picking up a camera in my third year of college. I was studying for a foundation diploma in Art and Design. One of the projects was the subject "where the wild things are" so as a group we visited Twycross Zoo and we took photos. I immediately became obsessed with getting a perfect image, everything I saw was recorded on that day and I went home with the most photos in the group. I was fascinated with getting the perfect angle and perfect image inside the frame. I believe that having Aspergers had a major role in that "perfect image" philosophy?.

During the next year I started to deal with my problems, however my social life became non-existent and I was turning into a recluse. I needed something to fixate on and provide me with a hobby to focus my energy. Luckily as mothers often do, my mum passed on a good suggestion that I should take up photography after seeing the images I had brought back from the zoo. 

I began to receive support from Advance and it became easier for me to step outside, be around people (it took me a few months before I got used to taking photos of people) and travel to new places.? Eventually I found Instagram, I started to upload my images and become really excited that other people liked my photos. Having professional photographers like my images gave me a huge confidence boost?. Now I am ready to move forward, I'm looking at volunteering  to gain more confidence and learn more about photography?'.

Check out more of his beautiful work on his website and instagram