Sal's thoughts on the Operations Board

Our Operations Board met earlier this month to look at what's happening in Advance, where it's working for customers and where we can improve. Some of the things we talked about were:

  • How the Operations Board works, and how it can work best
  • Results of this year's Customer Survey
  • The work of our Health and Wellbeing project
  • The Customer Conference
  • Feedback from the Advance Collective

Here Sal (a member of the Operations Board) tells us about the meeting:

"On Wednesday the Operations Board meeting here at Hampton mews for the first time ever,  We welcomed Julie Layton CEO, Debbie Neil our Director of support and Ian Gilders the Director of Housing as well as Gary Hughes and Rachel Fox from Customer Engagement, Abigail Peake and Lisa Pyniger taking the minutes.

As customers we talked about how we can change the name of Operations Board due to other customers across Advance not knowing what our role is as part of the Board.

I love being part of the Board and I want others to know that because we have Customers who are supported by Advance on the Board we have an understanding of how to treat our customers and staff teams no matter if they have Support or Housing.

We also talked about how much time we spend on things from the Agenda. We discussed the possibility of having the customers from the board meet before our meeting so we can go through it before hand to help us. We then decide that it would be better for us to then add on half an hour to our meetings in future.

We also briefly talked about possible topics for future meetings.

It was lovely to see everyone here at Hampton Mews and we are more than happy for the Operations Board to use our communal area any time."

Thank you to everyone at Hampton Mews for hosting us, and for joining us for part of the day.