Photography and Computer Art Group Launches in Hackney

Monday saw the launch of the new weekly Photography and Computer Art Group in Hackney. The group is making full use of computer equipment including accessibility aids, kindly donated by our wonderful partners at Leonard Cheshire. The theme of the group’s first project is Movement, and the group were excited to start things off by creating some individual pieces of art inspired by this on a creative online programme called Bomomo. After a lesson in how to safely use the cameras, and a discussion on how we see movement in nature and how to capture moving things in a still photo, everyone set off for a walk to Dalston curve garden. Once there, customers enjoyed photographing the nature around them – luckily it was a beautiful sunny day! When everyone was back at the office, they created a final piece of art using Microsoft Paint, inspired by the nature seen during the walk.

It was a fun and educational afternoon, and in the coming weeks the group is planning on editing their photos with new colours and shapes and exploring city landscapes, before moving on to begin photographing movement in people.