World Down Syndrome Day 2023

World Down Syndrome Day 2023

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. The day is all about celebrating the lives of people with Down Syndrome, raising awareness and advocating for the rights, inclusion and wellbeing of individuals with Down Syndrome.

The theme of this year's World Down Sydrome Day is: 'With Us, Not For Us'  encouraging a human rights-based approach to disability. Read more here

Cheryle, and her husband Darren met at the same primary school in Worcestershire aged 10 and 12. In 1980 Darren asked Cheryle out in the playground. They have been a couple ever since!

In 2000 they moved in together to a property where Advance provides support. They have a shared tenancy and a lovely flat. Cheryle and Darren are very happy living together. Before moving in together both were supported by their families. They now receive support both individually and together with activities of their own choice. For example, Cheryle enjoys going out for tea and cake and having a look around the local shops with her support workers. Cheryle also receives support to practice embroidery and work with computers. 

Cheryle and Darren are very happy together after all these years and have a support and housing system which work really well for them.