World Mental Health Day 2021

Sunday was World Mental Health Day 2021, providing an important chance to raise awareness about mental health issues and spark conversations about our mental wellbeing, how we need to look after it and where to get help when struggling. The last 18 months have been incredibly challenging and we should all be extremely proud of how far we have come and where we are today. 

In keeping with World Mental Health Day, we are pleased to have renewed our commitment to and accreditation as a recognised Mindful Employer through to 2023. Established in 2004, Mindful Employer is a UK wide initiative run by Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Providing employers with easier access to professional Workplace Mental Health training, information and support, the initiative aims to help empower employers to take a lead in supporting the mental wellbeing of their staff. By signing the ‘Charter for Employer Positive About Mental Health’, Advance has made a public statement of our desire to support the mental health of our staff across the organisation.

World Mental Health Day’s message this year is that there are ‘little things we can all do to look after our mental health’. The simplest activities are hugely important and can brighten your whole day.

Here are a few suggestions of little things you can do today to look after your mental health:

  • Get some fresh air such as going on a walk, sitting outside, going on a run or cycle.
  • Message a co-worker, friend or family member to check in
  • Eat your favourite meal
  • Take the time to do something you enjoy like reading, watching a good film or tv show, having a bath and listening to music
  • Create a MindPlan with NHS Better Health: you answer 5 questions and they provide top tips specific to your mental health.

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