NHF shares Advance's good practice

This week the National Housing Federation has launched their Together with Tenants initiative across all housing associations. As early adopter, we are proud to have helped shape the scheme and make sure our customers’ voices were heard.

Marking the national lauch, NHF have published a blog on how Advance has been putting involvement into practice during the pandemic.

In this blog Rachel Fox, Customer Engagement Manager, talks about the importance of engagement work for both customers and organisations.

“The coronavirus crisis has made a great many things harder (or even impossible), but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the years working with our customers it’s that every challenge is also an opportunity.

When lockdown came, face to face meet-ups were halted, workshops couldn’t go ahead and our annual Customer Conference had to be cancelled. It could have spelled dark days for customer involvement activity, but neither we nor our customers were going to let that happen.

As early adopters of Together with Tenants we have long been advocates of meaningful customer involvement and believe that this is not something which can take a back seat during difficult times. Forced to think differently, we tried new ways of reaching people to make sure they knew we were still here and listening.”

You can read Rachel’ blog in full here.