MHAW23: Karen

MHAW23: Karen

Today’s story for Mental Health Awareness Week describes the journey of Essex customer, Karen.

Until recently, Karen lived in an Advance Supported Living Service in Essex with five other customers all of whom have long term mental health conditions. Support staff were on site throughout the day on weekdays and most of weekends.

In 2022 Karen moved on from the supported living service into her own flat in the local community. She still receives a few hours weekly support from Advance. Over the last few years Karen’s life has turned around.

Karen has been supported to and has re-established a close relationship with her two grown children. She has also developed personal interests and hobbies including crafting and knitting. She has also been a mentor to a younger woman who moved into the supported living service, encouraging, and supporting her with her own recovery.

Getting support helps to deal with anxiety. Click here to read the Mental Health Foundation’s suggestions to stop anxiety getting out of control.

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