Customer Report 2018/19

Customer Report 2018-19

We are pleased to publish the 2018/19 Customer Report. The report has been produced with customers, for customers, with the customer members of the Operations Board driving everything from the design to the content, from early planning to final tweaks.This helps ensure that we are sharing the information that customers want to know, in a way that is accessible to them.

The report includes:
• Customers’ stories
• A review and highlights of the year
• Updates on the performance of our services
• Customer feedback and how we’ve responded
• Information about engagement activities, and how people can get involved

The information provided helps to ensure that we are transparent, and that our customers and their families are able to scrutinise our performance and hold us to account if things aren’t right. As well as being best practice, and supporting the respectful relationships we want to have with our customers, this also ensures that we live up to our National Housing Federation Together with Tenants Charter commitments as one of the early adopter housing associations.

Available in Plain English and Easy Read, you can find the Customer Report 2018/19 at

We do not print copies of the report so please do point customers to it on our website and encourage them to read it at their leisure.

We are also pleased to publish our Financial Statements and Report for 2018/19.  We have made consistent progress against our ambitions and believe we are well positioned to achieve the majority of our objectives set out in the final year of our current three year strategy. You can find more information, and read the full report click here.