We Are Artists! at Hackney Museum

Advance customer, Kehinde with Manzur's artwork

Advance artist Danny with his workArtists from the weekly art group supported by the Advance Community Aspirations Team will be showing an exhibition of their work entitled 'We Are Artists!' throughout March at Hackney Museum and running a workshop for Disabled Access Day on Saturday 11th March.

In a statement about the exhibition, the art group said 'We live in Hackney and are inspired by the area and the world around us. We have a range of interests and artistic skills and we like to experiment with different techniques'. The exhibition includes sculpture, framed photographs and a huge collage of portraits and puppets by artist, Manzur.

Advance artists Mr Chang discusses his drawings with support worker, RudolphThe workshop on 11th of March is called 'Drawing to Music' and will run from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm at the museum.

Advance Deputy Manager, David Pearson described the event, 'We'll be creating one large piece of art created collectively throughout the day, drawing to music. Half of the group making music and the other half drawing, taking turns to swap roles. Using paper, wax crayons, pastels etc the visual artists will respond to the sounds made by the musicians. Please do drop in and make art with us!'