About HOLD

We believe everyone has the right to a safe and happy home and that a long term disability should not be a barrier to home ownership.

If you would like to experience the pleasure and security of owning your own home, HOLD - our shared ownership scheme for people with a long term disability - might be just for you!

HOLD is a Government-backed scheme that enables you to part-buy a home of your choice in an area where you want to live.


How HOLD Works

  1. You find a home you would like to buy (in an area where we operate)
  2. We buy the home and sell back a % share to you (usually between 25% and 75%)
  3. We charge you rent on the share we own
  4. We help to maintain your property for as long as you live there




Do I qualify for HOLD?

To be eligible to part-buy through HOLD, you need to:

  • Have a long-term disability as classified under the Equality Act
  • Be 18 yrs old or older (or within 6 months of turning 18) there is no upper age limit
  • Have mental capacity or someone appointed by the court to help you
  • Have funds available to buy between 25% and 75% of the property price. Please read: How  Shared Ownership is funded
  • If you or someone in your household are in paid employment, have a total household income of less than £80,000 per year
  • Want to live in an area where we provide HOLD

If you meet these criteria, complete our online enquiry form and we can start the process.



I want to find out more

You will find lots more information about HOLD on this website, including where we operate, how to finance your home purchase and stories from existing customers.  You may also find answers to some of your questions in our FAQ section.

If you would prefer to talk to someone before you apply, email us and we'll get in touch.

You can download our HOLD information leaflet below and take a look at where you can buy.

HOLD Shared Ownership
Where you can buy 

Shared ownership with Advance

Advance is a not-for-profit Registered housing provider. We have been making home ownership for disabled people possible for over twenty years and have helped around 1,000 people with a disability become Shared Owners. In 2018 we won two awards at the National Housing Awards. The judges said HOLD is a 'phenomenal programme that empowers people with disabilities into home ownership'. HOLD has also been highlighted as a great housing solution for people with learning disabilities in a research paper issued by Learning Disability England and Housing LIN. 




Gayle's story

Gayle's story

Gayle lives in her own home, close to her parents.

Chris's story

Chris's story

"I have my independence and can do what I want when I want"

Cati's story

Cati's story

Cati’s new neighbours were wonderful from day one.