Our Story

Advance’s story is one of people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.

In 1974, we supported four people coming out of institutional care who had a dream of living independently in the community. We bought a house on a city street, filled it with furniture, and helped them settle in.

As we’ve grown over the years, so has our ambition for supporting as many people as possible to achieve independence and live the life they choose. Today, we provide homes and support to thousands of people; people who start from a position of disadvantage due to their health or disability and who want more choice, greater control and better opportunities.

We continue to place their dreams and aspirations at the heart of everything we do and are not afraid to find new, forward-thinking ways to meet their expectations: from enabling people with disabilities to enjoy the status and security of home ownership through our HOLD Shared Ownership scheme; to investing in specialist services for people with complex needs so they gain more stability and control over their lives.

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