Specialist support for complex needs

Through our specialist support services for adults with complex needs or challenging behaviour Advance can offer housing and support services that improve outcomes for customers and their families.

Person-centred active support

A tried and tested model of care that enables and empowers people with intellectual disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of their lives. With sufficient help, we believe everyone can take part in everyday activities to a varying extent even if they don’t have all the skills needed to finish an activity. Our staff assess the level of skill a task needs to identify what support is needed. It is important to provide the right support at the right time as too much support can de-skill, but not enough support may discourage carrying on with the activity.

Positive Behaviour Support

A structured approach to supporting people when there are challenging behaviours, moving focus away from what is challenging to supporting positive behaviours. Challenging behaviours are assessed to find out what they mean for the person, and then support is given to develop alternative skills to meet this purpose. Displaying behaviour that challenges is a way of letting people know your feelings and emotions when you don’t have the communication or social skills to do so in other ways.

Our Team

We have a dedicated behavioural support team with many years of experience and training from the Tizard Centre (centre of excellence for learning disabilities and challenging behaviours ) and the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Being able to call on this expertise internally rather than having to rely on the local health teams helps deal with potential problems quicker. This can often stop behaviours escalating. Our approach is also based on the NICE guidelines and PBS Competence framework from the PBS academy.

The behaviour lead and support staff will be involved in the initial assessment with families and professionals and will develop PBS plans.These methods have been successfully employed in supporting a great many of our customers, leading to a reduction in challenging behaviour over time, increased stability for the individual and a reduction in costs and staff turnover.

To find out more about our Complex Needs services please contact our Complex Needs Lead, Michelle O'Neill on 020 7014 7443.