Grants and funding for shared owners

As an Advance shared owner you may be entitled to grants or funding to support energy efficiency. The information and links on this page will help you to decide if you are eligible and provide details of how to apply.

Energy Savings Trust -

If anyone in your household is receiving benefits, then the first place to start is by asking your energy supplier if they can help. They should be able to tell you what help is available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

You can also try calling your local authority – they will be aware of any local initiatives in your area that can provide help.

And you can look at the Simple Energy Advice website, which includes lots of information and guidance on financial support, as well as information on how to save energy. Details on grants can be found here:

 Energy Company Obligation scheme

Details on the scheme can be found here: Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Support for improving your home | Ofgem and here: What is the Energy Company Obligation? | Homebuilding

A shared owner can approach their energy provider however some have closed applications, see: Energy Company Obligation | ECO government scheme | EDF ( Others will ask you to register your interest and then will get back to you, see British Gas -ECO scheme - British Gas

Simple Energy has advice on the ECO scheme -

The most common improvements that can be made on the scheme are:

  • Insulating a roof
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Solid wall insulation
  • Boiler replacement or repair

Each improvement has its own eligibility criteria, including which year your house was built and how many storeys it has.

If you want to make any energy efficiency improvements to your home

If you live in a house and Advance has the freehold title you will have been granted a separate leasehold title. It is for each shared owner to apply for any grant funded scheme as the leaseholder, and for the shared owner to then seek permission for the grant funded works from Advance, as the freeholder and under the terms of the lease.

If you live in a flat and Advance has the head leasehold title you will have been granted a separate under lease. It is for each shared owner to apply for any grant funding scheme, and for the shared owner to then seek permission for the grant funded works from both Advance and the freeholder, as under the terms of the lease.

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Advance Hardship Fund

If you are struggling with the day-to-day cost of living and experiencing financial difficulty you will be able to apply for a one-off amount of funding to assist with essential items such as:

  • Utility Costs
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Micowave
  • White goods

To fill out and submit an application to the Hardship Fund click here

Your Regional Housing Officer or Housing Outreach Worker will also be able to help you to apply.

Please note that cash cannot be paid. Successful applicants to the fund will either receive delivery of the required item or a voucher.


Further information for Advance shared owners is available here