Monoj's story

Monoj and Bev

After expressing a desire to become more independent, Monoj, moved into an Advance-managed property in Nuneaton in April 2019.

Living independently for the first time in his early 50s was initially a challenge to Monoj. All of his health and wellbeing needs having previously been so well-managed at home by his Mum, he needed support to learn the basics of self-sufficiency.

Prior to his move, various professionals met with Monoj and his family to suggest he may benefit from a supported living environment and to organise visits to local housing schemes.

Although quite shy on his first visit to the Advance property, Monoj came out of his shell when he recognised another resident. He soon began expressing a desire to move into the property and opened up more to staff, explaining he would like to get married and have his own place one day. Listening carefully, staff discussed how, through planning and practical help, they would work with Monoj over time to make his dreams a reality.

Working together with Monoj’s Local Authority Care Co-ordinator and his family, we organised Monoj’s move quickly and smoothly.

Once Monoj had settled into his new home, Advance support workers began to plan daily activities, setting weekly goals for Monoj to complete. Developing skills across a wide range of independent living tasks gave Monoj a massive confidence boost.

Staff worked with him in stages, enabling him to become increasingly adept at cooking, budgeting, personal care and wellbeing.

Among Monoj’s many achievements he was happy and proud to develop stronger social skills and friendships. As a result of staff support with travel training and community engagement, Monoj took on a voluntary role in a local charity shop, working on the tills and serving customers. Receiving a certificate after passing a computer course at the local college was another big boost for Monoj, proving what he was able to achieve and giving him an incentive to go further.

As a direct result of the work Advance undertook with Monoj he gained the confidence to make choices independently, take positive risks and build new friendships. He felt able to say “no” when he wanted to and could self-manage his anxiety, using techniques support workers taught him.

Moving on from Advance in 2020 to take on the tenancy of a one-bedroom flat, Monoj achieved his dream of getting his own place.

Monoj said: “I want to look after my Mum now and help her with the cleaning and cooking. Advance Support has been a blessing for me.”

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