Martyn's story

Martyn with Mum and sister

Martyn is a bubbly, friendly 20 year old man with learning disabilities - Dyspraxia and ADHD. He moved away from his family home for the first time into his own flat in Cornwall in September 2017. He’s developed a firm friendship with his neighbour Lee and they share several hobbies and interests. Martyn has been attending classes at Café Chaos in Truro with his Support Worker, Michelle. Café CHAOS work with disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community, providing hospitality and catering experience both in the kitchen and front of house. Martyn has been learning useful skills such as managing money, making brownies and toasties as well as washing up and drying. His Support Worker Michelle said that they are aiming to build Martyn’s confidence to the point where he is happy to take the bus there each week and eventually by himself.

Martyn keeps busy with volunteering at a local farm a couple of days each week, meeting friends at a youth club and a car club where he enjoys racing remote controlled cars.

His Mum Sue commented that although he finds it difficult to retain information he has grown up quite a bit since he’s been living in his purpose built, one-bedroom flat. She added: “As a family we are optimistic about what he might be able to achieve. His future definitely looks brighter since he’s moved into his own place.”

Martyn has an older brother Tim and a younger sister Keira.