Frank's story

Frank with Robyn

Frank has had his own flat in one of our supported housing schemes in for over 20 years. He is firm friends with other residents in the building and has many friends in local community.

The scheme consists of 13 flats with some people sharing and others living alone. People who live in the building have a variety of support needs ranging from people who are very independent and require minimal support, to those with physical disabilities including wheelchair users, and customers with complex needs. There is a small staff sleepover/office. There is a large roof terrace where customers have BBQs in the summer and some customers including Frank have created a vegetable garden.

Advance have supported Frank to maintain his tenancy, and develop contacts within the local community to support his interests and independence. Frank volunteers at the City Farm and attends the Advance music and drama groups every week. He chats with many people in his local area and is well known for his smart suits. Family and friends live nearby. They joined him for a BBQ on the roof terrace of his building to celebrate his 50th birthday.

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