Bose's story


Bose stays connected with friends and family in the local community by getting involved in a variety activities. Different friends join her doing the things that suit them, including dancing, gardening and keeping fit! Bose lives in an Advance-managed supported living scheme in Hackney. She has recently moved to a different flat in the same block so she can share with her friend Lisa. Our Support Workers provide her with structured weekly support at home and in the community. Bose can visit the on-site staff office whenever she needs to.

Bose says “I have lots of friends in the building. It’s nice to spend time together. I like dancing with Lisa and gardening with Frank. I also enjoy writing stories. It helps me to think more about the things that are important to me. I take photos to go with the stories and I use my imagination. I like to tell other people about how I am feeling.”

Using regularly-reviewed support plans, Advance staff work with Bose to achieve her goals and to set new targets for the future. This process has helped Bose to grow in confidence, attain a greater level of independence and have a stronger sense of self. Knowing what she wants out of life, Bose to continue to grow and achieve.

As well as staying active by going to a  local cycling group, Bose loves nights out partying at the Bubble Club. Her creative work is developing all the time – writing short stories and illustrating them with photographs, videos and collages she makes independently, with Advance’s photography group, or at college. Some of Bose’s photography and video work has been displayed at the Bubble Club.


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