What is a lease?

What is a lease?

A lease is the contract between Advance and you for your property. It sets out how long the agreement lasts, how much was paid and your share in the property.

It says what parts of the building are yours and what Advance are responsible for.

It gives information on your rights to use any external parts of the building or parking spaces.

It will tell us if anyone else in involved in the building who we need to talk to about money or repairs.

It will say what repairs we are/are not allowed to do and also what you are/are not allowed to do.

It will explain what your neighbours are/are not allowed to doif you live in a flat.

The lease is the document which we look at every time there is an enquiry or concern around or relating to your property.

It tells us about your rent, how often this can be increased and by how much.

If you need a copy please contact us and ask us to send one to you.