Shared owners - ways to pay

Shared owners - ways to pay

Ways to pay your Rent and Service Charge

When you moved into your home you will have signed a tenancy, lease or licence agreement, which states when and how much rent and service charge you will need to pay Advance for your home. If you are entitled to Housing Benefit to support your rent and service charge, you will have been provided with support at the start of your tenancy to set this up, if you receive any letters and need help with your Housing Benefit please get in touch with your housing officer.

If you pay some or all of your Rent and Service Charges there are many ways for you to pay these:

Payments online

Mobile Phone App Payments

Telephone Payments

Using your Payment Card

Payment by Cheque

Payment by Direct Debit

Transferring money including Standing Order

Guide on the annual rent notification

If you need any help to access any of these payment methods please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 012 4307.