Guide on the annual rent notification

Every year Advance write to our customers with full details of our new rent and service charges, which are payable for the coming financial year. Our new rental year begins on the first Monday of April.  Please look out for your letter confirming the new rent and service charges for this year.

It is the responsibility of our tenants to ensure that the new charges are covered. 

Advance will be informing the Local Authorities of the new charges and new Housing Benefit requirements for our customers who receive Housing Benefit to support their rent and service charges. However, it is always recommended that you also contact them with the information.

Please click here for ‘guidance to the annual notification’ for more information on how your rent and service charges are broken down. 

Shared Owners

This year we have changed the information you get at the annual rent notification stage as many of these documents are duplicates of all of the information you will have received before.  If you would like an additional copy sending to you please contact us