Information for shared owners and tenants

We are now providing the large majority of Housing management and maintenance services. This is subject to ongoing review of risk levels and any further national or local restrictions or guidance that may emerge. We will continue with our proactive calls to customers picking up issues and providing support wherever we can.

The Government has published general advice for tenants and residents about good ventilation and its importance in helping to combat the transmission of COVID-19 during winter available here.

Your Regional Housing Officer and/or Housing Outreach Worker

Housing staff are still working, to make sure our services continue. You can contact them on their usual mobile numbers and email addresses, or through Customer Services.


  • Housing Officers and Outreach Workers will only be making essential visits. Routine visits will be replaced with more contact by phone, text and email

  • Please do not visit our offices, they are closed to visitors

  • Where work needs to be carried out in your property (including gas safety checks) our contractors will need to come in to your home. When they come in they will take measures to keep you safe, such as staying 2 meters apart and washing their hands

  • Annual gas safety checks and some other health and safety checks and servicing, such as fire, water and lift safety, will continue, with social distancing precautions

  • You or your care/ support provider may need to restrict visitors to protect your own health. We and our contractors will respect this. Please let us know about it before any planned visits if you can


  • Please continue reporting your repairs. All repairs can now be undertaken, with Covid-safe precautions.

  • If you phone Advance to request a repair or other service, we will ask you about your health in relation to the Coronavirus. This will help us to assess the risk and pass relevant information on to the contractor.

We are keeping our plans and services under review daily and we appreciate your consideration as we try to provide as full a service as we can, whilst keeping everyone safe.

If you need more information from Advance please get in touch with your usual contact, use your ‘My Advance’ account, or contact our friendly Customer Services team on 0333 012 4307 or