Clair's story

Clair's story

Clair moved into one of Advance’s supported living houses in November 2012, and she hasn’t looked back since. After just a week, staff members found that Clair was capable of doing so much more than she realised. Staff worked with Clair to set a number of goals to help her become more independent. 

The first of these goals was to reduce the time she spent getting around on her scooter, so staff supported Clair to walk a little further unaided each week. She soon stopped relying on her scooter to get around; she now walks into town every week to do her weekly shopping. Her ready-meal based diet is no more; her healthy recipes have now been published in our newsletter, the Advance Times. Her reliance on others to help her with personal hygiene is gone; Clair now requires minimal support when looking after herself.

When it came to socialising, Clair didn’t interact with people outside of her family before she moved. Now her new found freedom means Clair spends two days a week at her local day centre, socialising with many friends and her boyfriend. It’s here she’s learned to cook, has taken part in beauty classes, and is always involved in new and exciting projects. 

Clair has always been close to her family, and this relationship continues with her adding a trip to see her Mum to her busy schedule every week. “I’m very close to my family” she says, “but I’ve got my own space now”. With the help and support of Advance staff, Clair has even got back in contact with her Dad, who she hadn’t spoken to in many years, now sharing a lovely relationship and talking regularly.

“Three years ago I lost my confidence and independence... Advance has changed my life, I can do a lot more than I used to now”.