A poem by Kate

Give Me A Chance To Explain About Advance
By Kate Green

Every day is different
It started many years ago
I saw an opportunity that was way to good to throw

It started with an Invite to Newbury Rugby Club
For people with Learning Disabilities
This was the Social Hub

The room was full of people from Service User’s to Provider’s
After the introductions I didn’t know they were going to divide us
It was time to sit & listen to what they had to say but everyone with a disability understands differently in their own way

I sat & listened & thought this wasn’t for me but I heard someone say that I could do this so my eyes lit up with glee
I looked around the room my life was such a breeze I really didn’t know my asthma was going to start with such a wheeze

Luckily the wheeze had gone although
the opportunity hadn’t, now was the time to gather all the information I had picked up such a lot, I wondered how I was going to get home not to mention the train station

It had been a very long day which started at 10 & ended after 3
I had texted my mum to ring me
As I had something very important to say
I had been to an important event about “Shared Homeownership” & her response was “No Way”

I started to explain to mum but it wasn’t very easy & at the most important part I started to get wheezy
I thought it was a dream at first but I knew that it wasn’t
I had read all the paperwork
My life was one big bubble & that was now in my reach to burst
After that all I wanted was a drink as I was dying of thirst

I punched the air & burst the bubble
I really didn’t know what to do
So I rang mum up & told her to add two & two

She told me two and two makes four
I really ought to know
I told her now I was ready for my own mortgage & the key to my own front door

I went home late in August with all the information
I dumped it on the kitchen table without any hesitation
I was asked what information this was I said “give me a chance”
I got myself a drink & sat down & told mum about Advance
This was definitely the beginning & so far from the end after I told mum I told my family they thought I had gone round the bend

I asked my family would you ever jump off a bridge
They looked at me quite stunned
I just told them I wanted to make my mark & be the first individual in West Berkshire with a special mortgage

The mortgage company called Mysafehome were really really good for they explained everything in a way that I understood
I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing
If only I was behind the wheel I would be steering
I never thought the schemes were true but what I was hearing I could only say “phew”

The way I went house hunting was really really strange
I went one step further & decided to make a change
I went out one night to my local Chinese I only wanted sweet n sour
& definitely no cheese

It was on the way there as I walked with a mate
I stopped outside an estate agent
& pointed to this flat & the next thing I knew she was shouting
“come on Kate”

I hurried along to catch her up I really couldn’t say but what I had just seen in the window had surely made my day
The Chinese takeaway had only cost me a fiver that was all I went out to get but at the same time I had seen my dream so I decided to place a bet

I bet (in my mind) that I hope the flat would soon be mine
As I had seen it just at the right time
Once my friend had gone home I started to ring round & I had to tell my family want I had found

My father didn’t believe me he thought it wasn’t true thank goodness he couldn’t see me because I was angry & going blue
He said it wasn’t possible I was surely going to show him
For his chances of being wrong were indeed incredibly slim

I rung up Advance the next day & told them what I had found
I had found my dream home in quite a funny way
I thought I had won the lottery but this was a million times better
It was on the market for just under £140,000

I booked a viewing & mum came to there wasn’t much to say except my mum could tell I was very very happy that whole day
No words were needed and no sounds were heard as I walked from room to room my mind clearly focused on the job & I didn’t want to be disturbed

I loved every minute of the viewing it was clearly meant to be
My family were indeed very proud of me
& my friends very jealous of the space to be

It was to be my bit of heaven
Bit like bingo
I can now play full house and my flat can accommodate up to seven

I couldn’t even have anyone to stay at my old place
there wasn’t even room to tie my own boot lace
I looked around my old place at this & that I thought to myself I can’t even swing a cat

My father started to ask me questions
As if I was completely stupid
I wish I had my bow & arrow & I could then play cupid

He kept on saying I had got it wrong I must of had a dream
The thing is I knew I was right & I so wanted to scream
Nothing else was said that day he assumed it had all been forgotten
Until we spoke again that week & he sounded pretty rotten

I have a very good network of people that helped me in the process
After all I was the first so I didn’t want to get in a mess
All I want to do is give a massive thanks
During the time of buying my flat I was offered this & was offered that by banks
All I could say I was I have a special mortgage for special people so please but no thanks

The banks looked at me in shock
I don’t have time to talk
I had to be somewhere & couldn’t even find a clock

I was soon asked to speak at presentation’s here and there
I had run out of information so didn’t have any to spare
Now your really talking
I have a mobility condition too
I even have trouble doing the easiest thing such as walking

Now I have told you how it happened to me
I was very lucky as it was meant to be
I want you all to have a Chance & most importantly
Dial the number for Advance