About us

About us

Our strategic plan 2017-20 sets out our direction for the next three years and gives a sense of our ambition for the future. At its heart are our customers and our staff. It was developed following consultation with a variety of stakeholders.

Our vision is to transform the lives of people with a disability or mental health condition by providing the best quality housing, support and employment services. We want to enable our customers to live the lives they choose, achieve their personal goals, feel valued and know their voices are heard.

Our strategy will help us achieve this vision and ensure we deliver leaner, more efficient services for our customers, motivate our staff to achieve their best and ensure our customers have a meaningful say in our work. It will ensure we continue to innovate and grow our services by partnering with others to meet and anticipate customer and commissioner needs. The strategy will also deliver value for money and secure our long-term financial stability, so that we can invest and grow.

We have published both standard and easy-read versions of the strategy. To find out more click the links below:

Advance Strategic Plan 2017-20         Advance Strategic Plan 2017-20 easy read

 Standard version                      Easy-read version